Panda in Pink (Chiang Mai Trip #4)

I am Joan Rio.

Having sleepless nights due to the wolves mating in the next room, I now have massive eye bags. I would definitely pass being a bear in black and white. You know, the one native from China, except that I am not cute and I don’t eat bamboos. But today, I’ve decided to be a panda.

So what do pandas do?

Hibernate? No. Based on wildlife studies, pandas also explore and socialize. So today, we will do just that.


Thai Silk Village

IMG_20190322_181819.jpg The Village

Since it was impossible to visit some of the places on our list, our driver suggested this one. It was informative, amusing, but a bit disappointing that some larvae were boiled inside the cocoon and were not able to become butterflies, just so the silk thread wouldn’t snap. But I guess it is the way of life, isn’t it?

IMG_20190322_183328.jpg The Cycle

IMG_20190322_182011.jpg The Process

I saw a…

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